Tough times never last, but tough
people do. ~ Dr. Robert Schuller

Originally from Liverpool, Colin Jones has a wealth of experience as a healthcare professional in a variety of clinical and academic settings. After completing ophthalmic nurse training in Liverpool, Colin undertook is general nurse training in North Wales and quickly developed an interest in critical care specialities. Returning to Liverpool he completed a number of post registration qualifications in intensive care, coronary care and resuscitation specialities. Colin held positions of charge nurse, nurse specialist and lecturer practitioner in critical care before deciding to become a teacher of healthcare professionals in 1990. In addition to his clinical skills, Colin is a qualified holistic therapist and is an associate member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

It was during this time that he developed his research interests in psychological aspects of recovery following critical illness, post -traumatic stress disorder and life review and narrative therapy. These subject areas formed the focus of his PhD which he completed in 2002.

Since then Colin has worked in a variety of clinical, academic and research settings. He has worked extensively with survivors of war and torture with a non- government organisation in Bosnia and formerly co-ordinated a similar service in the UK. The mainstay of Colin’s research interests are focused upon life history, life story, reminiscence and psychological adaptation.

He has worked on many research projects locally, nationally and internationally and is a member scholar of the Institute for Qualitative Health Research. More recently he has developed an interest in devising methodological strategies for researching compulsive hoarding whilst working with colleague Satwant Singh and the London Hoarding Therapy Group.

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